Supporting Staff

Sr. No. Name of Staff Members Designation Department
Administrative Office
1 Mr.D.D.Patne Office Superintendent Administrative
2 Mr.G.W.Kinge Accountant Account
3 Mr.P.N.Barate Account Clerk Account
4 Mr.V. R. Sonune Senior Clerk Account
5 Mr.V.S.Dhanwe Clerk D.Pharm/Administrative
6 Mr.V.J.Kapse Store Clerk Store/Administrative
7 Mr.S.P.Yadav Assistant/Peon Administrative
8 Mr.S.R.Sirsat Assistant/Peon Administrative
9 Mr.R.R.Sawale   Clark Administrative
1 Mr. G. S. Ubarhande Librarian Library
2 Mr.N. A. Shelke Assistant librarian Library
Technical Staff
1 Mr. V. B. Rindhe Lab. Assistant Pharma. Chemistry
2 Mr.H. R. Rauth Lab.  Assistant Pharmacognosy
3 Miss.Aarti Ganjare Lab.  Assistant Human Anatomy and Physiology
4 Mr.P.R. Chikte Lab.  Assistant Pharmaceutics
1 Mr. L. K. Pawar Lab.Attendt. Pharmacy
2 Mr.N.K.Amalkar Lab.Attendt. Pharmaceutics
3 Mr.A.B. Patil Lab.Attendt. Pharmacognosy
4 Mr. M.D. Chopade Lab.Attendt. Pharmacology