Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is a scientific study of crude drugs derived from natural resources used in the treatment of disease or disorder. Pharmacognosy is considered as a valuable part of the cultural heritage of pharmacy. The modern aspect of Pharmacognosy includes not only crude drug but also cover its geographical source, physical characters, chemical scrutiny and its isolation of active constituents. Our ancestors accumulated and described knowledge and information of plants and preserved them in literature such as Rigveda, Ayurveda (ancient science of life), Materia medica, Ebers papyrus etc. In all the old texts, preference has been given to description of plant as compared to other characteristics. This subject deals with Herbal medicine, cosmetics, Ayurvedic dosage form and research in the field of herbal formulation are of great interest. Therefore it is need of time to explore into area of systematic knowledge of herbal drugs.