Pharmaceutical chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry emphasizes on the chemistry of designing, synthesis, identification, action, developing and analyzing New Chemical Entity (NCE). The key task of the department is to provide knowledge in pharmaceuticals chemistry of drugs/medicines which is constantly offering first rate opportunities to the students against high quality educational experience. The development of NCE is gravely dependent on a molecular level understanding of quantitative structure activity relationship, computer aided drug design, UV spectroscopy, HPLC, Infrared spectroscopy etc. The department has equipped laboratories having all necessary instruments and equipments used in organic, inorganic, analytical, biochemical, medicinal aspects.


The Pharmaceutical chemistry department of institute aims to build up highly professional, skillful chemist/pharmacist with in depth scientific knowledge that will contributes to the pharmaceutical sector.


The objective of our department is to develop students with technical and ethical values, to compete against modern day challenges in the field. To establish department with active interest in organic synthesis, drug design and discovery of NCE, natural drug chemistry, structure-activity relationship, molecular modeling and many more in the field.

Name Research Background
Mr. Mangesh A. Mapari Computer adied drug design, Virtual data base screening, Molecular docking and Moleular dynamic simulation result interpretention.