Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is the core of pharmacy discipline that deals with the science of dosage form design andis related to the manufacturing, formulation and dispending of finished pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. It also covers curricular contentof Compounding and Dispensing practice, Physical pharmacy, Microbiology, Drug regulatory affairs, Biopharmaceutics and Industrial pharmacy. The department has well equipped spacious laboratories and separate Machine room with all necessary instruments and equipments like Tablet compression machine, Dissolution test apparatus, pan coater and Disintegration apparatus. All this facilities are well backed with competent and experienced staff.


The department of pharmaceutics works with a dynamic goal to inculcate innovations in pharmaceutical sciences and research by offering high quality education at undergraduate level and research excellence in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences. Department focus on research areas of Preformulation studies, Formulation and development, Novel drug delivery systems, Biopharmaceutics etc.


The Pharmaceutics department offer quality education with an objective to be leader in advanced and novel drug delivery, nanotechnology and biotechnology based drug delivery system. Education engaged in the department works on quality, safety and cost effective formulations for better patient compliance.


Name Research Background
Dr. Hemant  H. Gangurde NDDS, Colon specific drug delivery, FBP, Cosmetics
Miss. Amruta S. Khande Formulation, development and evaluation of Herbal drug delivery system, Exploring natural material as pharmaceutical excipients
Miss. Ashwini. A. Zanke Herbal hair dye cream was Formulation cream following parameter study. Physical Appearance Phase separation Viscosity. PH Spredability Extrudabilility Stability Study Skin Irittation.
Mr. Ananta B. Ghonge Solubility enhancment, Polymorphism study, Nano formulation, Dosage form formulation designing.