Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the science that deals with the effects and uses of drugs in the treatment of disease. In the Department of Pharmacology, we train students to develop knowledge and practical skills as per pharma research needs and for a career as a Preclinical / Clinical scientist.


To impart knowledge of pharmacology education and research through innovations that improve learning and the health care system.


The pharmacology department is established to study how various types of drugs work, act, and how to use them in the treatment and prevention of diseases. To develop knowledge based on pharmacological sciences to easily grasp the knowledge. To provide the required skills and ability to achieve a successful career in Pharmacology, Toxicology, Contract Research Organization, and Regulatory affairs.


Name Research Background
Prof. Prafulla Chavan Cardiovascular and Neuropharmacology study, Handling of Von-Frey filament, Randallsellitto apparatus, etc.
Prof. Pavan JagtapAnti-ulcer study and Histopathology study of animals.
Prof. Priyanka SableAnti-Diabetic study, Handling of Animals , Dosing and Specimen collection includes Retro-orbital and tail vein.